About us

Our mission is to make getting a driver’s licence accessible for all students who can’t get it at a traditional driving school due to economical or time constraints. We also support anyone who needs extra support after finishing their driving school.

PracticaTest works jointly with many Spanish driving schools distributed across the country, offering many different materials and technological solutions to provide their students with autonomous learning.

To achieve this goal, our team consists of 10 professionals in the driver’s education industry with more than 15 years of experience, who with the latest technology have developed an intelligent learning system that lets you get your Spanish driving licence in English in less than 15 days, guaranteed.

Our course contains the latest tests as they appear on the DGT official exam with explanation, intelligent tests, driver’s manual PDF, summaries, podcast and the assistance of an online tutor, guaranteeing that by following this learning method, you will be prepared to take your driving theory test.

Since our inception, we have already helped more than 530,000 students in Spain and Latin America, with more than 37 million corrected tests. We have established ourselves as leaders in the online driving education sector, and at present we are working on our international expansion.

If you would like to work with us as part of a multidisciplinary and international team, you can send us your resume or CV at: [email protected]. We would be pleased to hear from you.