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Updated at 18-05-2023

Arriving in a new country and complying with all the bureaucracy is always a challenge. In this article you will find help for all the procedures related to driving in Spain: how to exchange your original driving license, which countries have an agreement with Spain to direct exchange and how to get a new Spanish Driving License.

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Did you know that you can get your Spanish driving licence without having to sit a complicated driving school exam in Spanish?

Thanks to PracticaTest, your English driving school online, and Spain’s Dirección General de Tráfico, it’s not just possible, but easier than you think.

Spain makes its official driving theory test available in English, as well as Spanish and a few other languages.

Our English driving school gives you everything you need to study the material for this exam in English, with loads of practice tests so you can be confident that you will pass the first time.

Read on to see how you can take your driving test in Spain in English!

Benefits of PracticaTest’s English driving school online

  • Study for your driving theory exam at home or from anywhere
  • Everything you need to pass the Spanish theory test in English
  • Loads of practice exams in English
  • Excellent value
  • Different plans to fit your needs
  • Monitor progress and statistics to make the best use of your study time
  • Real questions from the official DGT exams
  • Regularly updated with new test questions as they become available

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Our English driving school is an ideal solution for anyone who is a resident in Spain but who isn’t comfortable enough with Spanish to sit a driving test in that language.

Whether English is your first language or simply your strongest common language, our online school will help you get your Spanish driving licence in English quickly and easily.

How to get the Spanish driving licence in English

PracticaTest offers everything you need to pass your driver’s theory exam in English, but the test itself must be taken at your local DGT office. Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to set the Spanish driving test in English:

  1. Sign up for the PracticaTest study plan that best suits your needs.
  2. Access your account on our portal to learn the theoretical material and take practice tests until you are confident in your ability to pass.
  3. Make sure you take advantage of our statistics and progress tracker so you can focus on the topics where you need to make some improvement.
  4. When you are ready for your theory exam, you must make an appointment to take it at your local DGT office. You can look up the exact location based on the province in which you reside here:
  5. To register for the Spanish theory exam, you must present the following documents:

Remember that only legal residents of Spain are eligible to take the test and get a driver’s licence. In general, you must have proof of residency greater than 6 months before you are allowed to take the exam.

Very important: If you want to take your Spanish driving test in English, you must indicate this on the form when you register for the exam! Otherwise, you will be given the test in Spanish.

What is Spain’s driving theory exam like?

You will get a very good idea of what the official test is like when you take practice tests on our English driving school website. When your scheduled exam day arrives, you will go to the DGT office to sit the test, which could be on paper or on a computer depending on the office.

The theoretical exam has a total of 30 questions, and you must achieve a 90% or higher in order to pass. That means that you can miss no more than 3 questions. It is very important to study carefully beforehand and to read each question carefully, because the wording can be tricky and very specific.

The results of your driving test will be available the next business day around noon. You can check whether you passed here:

If you did not pass, you are entitled to take the exam again one more time without paying any additional fees (although you will have to register again and there may be a waiting period).

However, if you need to take the test a third time, you will be required to pay the exam fees again.

Driving lessons and getting your Spanish driving licence in English

Once you have passed the Spanish driver’s theory exam, you will be allowed to start with practical lessons. Any local authorized driving school can be used for this part of the process.

Usually, you will purchase a pack of driving lessons from the autoescuela, and when you are ready, you will take the practical test and be given a certificate if you pass.

This certificate will prove that you are qualified to receive your Spanish driving licence. Along with your licence, you will also be given an “L” plate, which must be affixed to the back windscreen of your car where it can be easily seen by other drivers. This plate indicates that you are a new driver.

From now on, you must always have your driver’s licence with you when you are driving, in addition to other documentation that should be in the car, such as the “permiso de circulación”, proof of passing the MOT technical inspection if applicable, and proof of insurance.

FAQs about taking the Spanish driving test in English

Q: Can I take the Class A (motorcycles) or Class C (trucks) driving test in English?
A: No. At this time, only the Class B driving test is available in English.

Q: Are my UK driving licence exam results valid in Spain?
A: No. The UK theory test is not recognised in Spain.

Q: Can I get my Spanish driving license entirely online?
A: The theory section can be done without the need to attend a physical driving school. However, you must register for the theory exam at the DGT and sit the exam in person. The practical portion must be done in person at an authorized school.

Q: Is there a waiting period between the theory exam and practical lessons?
A: No. As soon as you pass your theoretical test, you can start taking practical lessons almost immediately.

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