Driving License - How to get one in Spain?

Getting a driving license in Spain can be done without much difficulty. However, in order to get one, you have to go through an array of formalities before you even have the permission in your hands. Let’s take a look at the issues regarding getting a driver’s license in Spain in the following article.

To make sure that the drivers drive around the country safely, they need to have a valid license. If you ride a motorcycle or drive a vehicle, the driving license is mandatory in Spain. This license must be presented to the authorities upon request.

Motorists must show proof that they meet all the requirements to have a driver’s license (i.e. medical certificate and the theoretical and practical driving tests). Driving classes are taken only in driving schools (known as Autoescuelas), although driving theory lessons are available online as well. The examinations are issued in the Jefaturas Provinciales de Tráfico. They are in charge of giving you the license to you.

What are the requirements for a Spanish driver’s license?

If you are under the age of 18, you can apply for the A1 license. This is for those who are 16, while those who are 18 or older, the license categories are A, B, and B+E.

Other requirements are:

  • You must have a legal residence in Spain or a student residence. You must demonstrate that you have been in Spain for at least six months. You must be 16 or older in case you are applying for the A1, or 18 or older if you are applying for the other categories.
  • You must not be banned by law from driving vehicles or motorcycles. Nor can you have undergone suspension or intervention, and you must have every required medical exam (psychophysical aptitude) for the relevant category class you want to apply.
  • Be declared fit by the Jefatura Provincial or Local de Tráfico in the theoretical and practical tests, related to the license class you are applying for.

What documents do you need to get your license?

  • The official form of the application, which can be found at your local Jefatura de Tráfico or online.
  • Photocopy of the National Identification Document or Foreigner Identification Document (NIE in Spanish) which demonstrates you are currently living in Spain, having a normal or student residence in Spain during the period requested, as well as relevant original documents that they will give back to you once they are checked.
  • Medical examination form (psychophysical aptitude inform), isºsued by an authorized Recognized Driver’s Center, in the province where the application was issued, which should be attached to a photo of the applicant.
  • Two 35 x 25 mm photos, the same as the one attached to the Medical Exam form.
  • Written statement that you have not been banned from driving vehicles or riding motorbikes by any authority, and you have not been subject to intervention or suspension.
  • Written statement that you do not hold another license, issued in Spain or in another European Union country, of the same category/class you are applying for.
  • Photocopy of your current driving permit or license, if you possess one, issued in Spain or any other European Union country, accompanied by the original document. Original documents will be presented by the holder before the new license is issued.

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