English driving manual: Chapters

Our driver’s manual to get the class B driving licence has been developed by our driving tutors and includes the entire list of contents that DGT proposes to pass the theoretical exam. This tool, in addition to all our learning materials to get the class B permit, will help you get your driving licence in less than 15 days with our validated educational system.

Click on each lesson to read the unit and get ready to pass your theoretical exams by practising with our unit tests.

1. Vehicle types: motor and non-motor vehicles

2. Use of public roads. Types of roads

3. Speed and its dangers. Speed table

4. Manoeuvres and safety distance

5. Priority and right of way of vehicles

6. Transporting people and cargo

7. Lighting systems and optical signals

8. Signalling and vertical signs

9. Driving license and documentation

10. Physical state of the driver. Fatigue

11. Other users of the road. Preventive driving

12. Visibility and road hazards

13. Traction, tires and brakes of the vehicle

14. Safety and economical driving

15. Accidents and first aid

16. Maintenance of the automobile and vehicle systems