Spanish Driver's License Audiobooks

Audiobooks for car license in English. Listen to all the contents of the updated DGT driver's manual for 2024 to obtain your class B driving permit.

Driver's manual Audiobooks

Chapter 1: Vehicle Types

Chapter 2: Use of Public Roads

Chapter 3: Speed

Chapter 4: Maneuvers

Chapter 5: Right of Way

Chapter 6: Transport of People and Goods

Chapter 7: Lighting and Optical Signals

Chapter 8: Traffic Signals

Chapter 9: Driver licence

Chapter 10: Physical Condition of the Driver

Chapter 11: Other Users

Chapter 12: Visibility and Road Hazards

Chapter 13: Traction, Tires and Brakes

Chapter 14: Safety and Economical Driving

Chapter 15: Accidents and First Aid

Chapter 16: Automobile Maintenance