Driving test for the class B driving licence

All our driving tests are fully updated and follow the same format as the official theoretical DGT exam (Dirección General de Tráfico). Remember that in order to pass the 30 question theoretical exam, you can only get 3 of them wrong at most. With 4 wrong answers, the exam would be failed. Driving licence exam tests are updated with current traffic laws. Dgt test in english.

30 minutes

1. In this situation, is it possible to overtake an immobilized or stopped vehicle?

3. When parking a vehicle with a manual gear transmission on a downhill gradient, what gear should be used?

4. When on a road where two traffic signs apparently contradict each other, which of the two takes precedence?

5. Due to the narrowness of the road, U-turns cannot be made with a single turn. What does the driver have to do?

6. Can sleep-induced accidents also occur during the day?

7. On an insufficiently illuminated cross-town road, you should turn on...

8. If you have had your driver’s license for less than 2 years, the maximum permitted level of alcohol is...

13. The condition of the vehicle affects...

21. What lights should always be turned on when driving at night in a locality?

23. Which vehicles can exceed the maximum speed on motorways to overtake?

27. Can alcohol decrease the driver’s field of vision?

28. Is it appropriate for a motorcycle rider to wear boots with their clothing?

29. Should you desist in overtaking if, once started, circumstances arise that may jeopardize the safety of the users of the road?