Driving test for the class B driving licence

All our driving tests are fully updated and follow the same format as the official theoretical DGT exam (Dirección General de Tráfico). Remember that in order to pass the 30 question theoretical exam, you can only get 3 of them wrong at most. With 4 wrong answers, the exam would be failed. Driving licence exam tests are updated with current traffic laws. Dgt test in english.

30 minutes

4. When you stop for more than 60 seconds, it is important to...

11. What lateral distance must motorcycles have when overtaking on urban roads?

12. Can you drive a vehicle if it emits a noise that surpasses authorized limits?

14. For the head restraint to be correctly adjusted, the distance from the head should be...

15. To perform mouth to mouth on an injured person, what should you do first?

26. A vehicle wants to overtake you. Should you do something to hinder them?

27. When a driver tests positive on a breathalyzer test, can the agent immobilize the vehicle?