Driving test for the class B driving licence

All our driving tests are fully updated and follow the same format as the official theoretical DGT exam (Dirección General de Tráfico). Remember that in order to pass the 30 question theoretical exam, you can only get 3 of them wrong at most. With 4 wrong answers, the exam would be failed. Driving licence exam tests are updated with current traffic laws. Dgt test in english.

30 minutes

1. In a construction area where there is a narrowing of the road, which vehicle has the right of way if there is no sign to regulate it?

2. At a tollbooth, you enter in a lane with a green light. What should you do?

4. Are you allowed to make a U-turn in a crosswalk?

7. The distance traveled from when a hazardous situation is observed until the vehicle fully stops is called...

8. When overtaking a pedestrian, it is obligatory to leave a minimum separation of 1.50 meters when traveling…

9. What is the speed limit for mopeds on this route?

10. Can you park on a lane meant for exclusive use of urban public transport outside service hours?

11. If, when turning to enter another road, there are pedestrians crossing, should you give way?

12. Can driving under the influence of alcohol influence the risk of having an accident, even if one is below the legal limit of the breathalyzer?

15. Where will the tram move on this two-way road?

17. If the driver of the vehicle in front of you activates the brake lights a few times in a row, what does it indicate?

19. On what kind of road do the most fatalities occur?

21. When you park your vehicle at dusk on the shoulder of an insufficiently illuminated cross-town road, what lights should you leave on?

22. Can you cross the imaginary line of traffic cones to change lanes?

24. Can medicine use be responsible for traffic accidents?

26. On a poorly lit road, is it possible to drive with high-beam headlights?

30. In bends and low visibility elevation changes, it is forbidden to...