How to get your Spanish driving license in English?

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Updated at 23-03-2022

You've decided to drive in Spain but you don't have any previous license or you have a non EU/EEA driving license. Find out hereunder all the documents and requirements that you need to sign up to do the theoretical and the practical test to get a license

Abrir Índice

Documents to get Spanish Driving permit

As a foreign citizen you can get your Spanish driving license following these steps. There are different licences depending on the vehicle that you want to drive so you have to know which specification applies for each of them.

Driving ages depending on the type of licence

  • Permit AM (mopeds and vehicles for people with reduced mobility): 15 years (a moped driver may not carry a passenger until the age of 18)
  • Permit A1 (motorbikes with a maximum power of 11kW and an engine up to 125cc): 16 years
  • Permit A2 (motorbikes with a maximum power of 35kW a power-to-weight ratio of under 0.2kW/kg): 18 years
  • Permit A (all type of motorbikes, with at least two years experience driving another motorbikes of category A1 vehicles): 20 years
  • Permit B (vehicles with a maximum weight of 3,500 Kg and with a maximum of 9 seats including the driver’s): 18 years
  • Permit C (vehicles with weight over 3,500 Kg): 21 years
  • Permit D (vehicles for the transport of passengers): 24 years

Documentation needed

Once you have practised with our online driving tests, and you think you are full prepared, you need to make an appointment on the DGT office of your city and bring with you the following documentation:

  • Photocopy (and original) of a Spanish residence permit or a copy of your passport along with the NIE number.
  • Certificate of mental and physical fitness issued by the Authorised Drivers Check Centre. Check our search engine to find the nearest in your city.
  • Proof of address in Spain dated within 3 months.
  • Application form and application fee (Note: They will give you the form on the DGT office. The application fee for 2024 and car license is: 94,12 €).
  • Two passport-sized photographs.

Questions included in the theory exam

Driving theory test

There are two parts to the test, one theoretical and one practical and both must be passed for a driver to be considered competent to drive in Spain.

You can train in a traditional driving school, but there are not many of them offering English test at the moment in Spain.

From PracticaTest we offer you a selection of 3.500 official driving test in English, with reviews and explanations, theoretical book and the help of an English teacher. We offer you the translation of all the updates that DGT launches.

The exam contains 30 questions, from a more than 4,800 question bank, and you will pass if you have 27 or more correct answers.

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