How to obtain the medical certificate for Spanish driver's license.

List of Medical Examination Centers to obtain the psycho-technical certificate required to take DGT theoretical exam.

To take your medical exam and obtain the psycho-technical certificate for drivers, look for your nearest center on the map and download the discount voucher.

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1. What advantages do I get by finding my medical center with Practicatest?

All Driver’s examination centers on our map will offer you the best price in your city to obtain the medical certificate and also at the end of the examination they will give you a voucher with a premium account of one month access to all our services for free.

Remember you need to go to the centre once you’re prepared to take your theory exam as all the process can be fast and have the appointment in a few days.

2. When should I get the medical certificate for drivers?

DGT will ask you to pass the psycho-technical exam before submitting all your papers to take the theory test at the Traffic Headquarters of your city. Do not forget that it is an essential requirement to be able to take the official theory test.

3. Documents you need to bring to the medical center

To start the process of obtaining the medical certificate you will only need to bring your DNI, NIE or Passport that identifies you. If your document is expired it’s essential you renew it before your appointment.

It is not necessary to bring 2 passport-sized photos since the medical center will take a digital photograph of you and attach it to your file so that it appears to the DGT Headquarters.

It is also important that you bring your glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids to the appointment if you use them regularly as you will need them for the test.

4. What tests do I have to pass to obtain the driver's medical certificate?

In all medical centers you will undergo an examination to check that you are fit to drive on public roads. The most common tests in the psycho-technical examination are:

  • Review of the general state of health of the applicant (questions about your daily habits).
  • Assessment of hearing ability.
  • Examination of visual and ophthalmological capacity.
  • Review of the psychomotor system by performing coordination tests, the ability to react and the perception of peripheral movements.

Remember that these basic tests are the ones you will encounter when taking the A, A1, A2 and B licenses. In the case of professional driving licenses such as the C, D or C+E and D+E licenses, you may undergo a series of additional health tests.

5. Can I renew my driving license in these medical centers if it has expired?

Yes, the offers you will find on the map of driver medical examination centers are also valid if you have to renew your driving license because it has expired.